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We build secure corporate AI for your custom data, fully deployed on email.

About Us


At, we specialize in making AI accessible and straightforward for all. Recognizing the common concern of being left behind in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, we provide an easy, cost-effective and seamless solution for those without the deep technical AI expertise.

For a modest monthly fee, our corporate clients can seamlessly integrate AI into their lives or businesses. Our service is deployed via email, ensuring a hassle-free experience while staying at the forefront of technological advancement.


Join to effortlessly embrace the future of AI. 

Our Services

AI Corpus Building        

Our proprietary data consolidation algorithm configures large and complex custom datasets to train bespoke GPTs for your firm.

Data Security

We apply Personal Identifiable Information (PII) scraping algorithms to secure sensitive and proprietary corpuses, providing you with full access and visibility of your training data. 


Your bespoke AI is fully deployed on a custom email address - send and receive your queries / prompts seamlessly in email format directly via the AI email inbox.



(full client references and case studies available upon request)

"We used to successfully navigate an IPO process, due to their ability to build custom datasets and implement PII guardrails. More importantly, their experience as investment professionals provided us with tremendous support while navigating the complex fundraising process."

Doris K., CEO

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