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Interview Prep Perfected

Elevate your Interview Game

Welcome to Entrevue

Unlock Your Potential with a
Personalized Interview Preparation Report

In the competitive job market, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. That’s why at Entrevue, we offer more than just interview tips—we provide a personalized game plan designed uniquely for you and your upcoming interview.

How it works


Provide your resume and interview details

Upload your resume and the job description, and let us know when your interview is scheduled.


Receive your
interview game plan

A detailed report will arrive in your inbox, crafted to provide actionable steps each day leading up to your interview, as well as compiling a repository of technical information.


Execute your
Daily Action Plan

Follow a meticulously designed schedule that builds your knowledge and skills incrementally, ensuring you walk into your interview fully prepared and confident.

What you get

Your Custom Roadmap to Interview Success

  • Highly Customized Reports: Each report is bespoke, aligning your resume with the job description and integrating your interview timeline to layout a precise preparation strategy.

  • Adaptive Daily Action Plans: Our plans are not just detailed; they’re dynamic. Depending on how much time you have until your interview, we scale and focus your tasks to optimize your preparation—ensuring you peak at the right moment.

  • Comprehensive Resource Compilation: Every report includes a repository of technical concepts identified as crucial for your specific interview, alongside additional readings and sources for further preparation. We also provide tailored practice questions to ensure thorough revision and readiness.

Entrevue Stats


hours to receive your Interview Gameplan


% reduction in interview prep time


% successful candidates

“Entrevue made closing my learning gap so much easier, with additional readings that mirrored the quality resources I spent weeks finding during my own interview prep.”

Edmond C. (NUS)

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Entrevue work?

Users submit their resume and job description along with their interview date. Our AI analyzes this information to create a personalized report that includes a daily action plan, a breakdown of relevant preparation materials, and tailored practice content.


Who can benefit from using Entrevue?

Entrevue is designed for anyone looking to enhance their interview preparation, starting with students seeking internships or entry-level positions in the financial services industry.


What makes Entrevue different from other interview tools?

Unlike generic prep tools, Entrevue offers highly customized reports that integrate your specific job description and resume, providing actionable, targeted guidance.


What is included in the Entrevue report?

The report includes a resume critique, job description analysis, a daily action plan leading up to your interview, a knowledge repository, additional reading sources, and practice questions with suggested answers.


How long before an interview should I order a report?

The earlier, the better, to fully benefit from the daily action plan. However, we can tailor preparation strategies even if you're close to your interview date.


How convenient is using Entrevue compared to traditional career coaching?

Entrevue provides the ultimate convenience by eliminating the need for scheduling sessions, and also can be used in conjunction with regular coaching services. You retain full control of your time, accessing your tailored preparation anytime and anywhere, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your interview prep.


Can I share the report with others?

The report is personalized to your individual skillsets to best prepare you competitively for your specific interview. It is not designed to be shareable. We recommend individual registrations for the best experience.


Do you update the preparation materials regularly?

Definitely. Our platform utilizes advanced AI technology to tailor each report specifically to your needs, dynamically adjusting to your interview timeline and personal career goals. Additionally, our materials and AI algorithms are also regularly updated to reflect the latest hiring trends and practices.


How long does it take to receive the report after ordering?

Reports are typically generated and sent to your email inbox within 24 hours of receiving all necessary information.


How does Entrevue cater to different industries and career stages?

Entrevue is starting with a focus for entry-level finance jobs. However, we are developing products for other industries and career stages, including advanced tools for mid-career professionals. Stay tuned for these upcoming expansions!

Own Your Interview

Receive Your Custom Prep Plan Now!

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