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Draft Less, Invest More

Capital Blueprint

From One-liner Topic Sentence to
50-page .pptx Draft Investment Deck in Minutes

No More Blank Slides.

Ever faced the challenge of turning a cryptic one-liner from your MD into a full PowerPoint presentation?

Meet Capital Blueprint – the only copilot you’ll need in the dogfight of investment deck creation.

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From Zero to One, Fast
Image by David Pennington

Kick off with your one-liner and watch as our AI outlines your entire strategy straight to your inbox. No more staring contests with blank slides.
Image by Scott Graham

 Extract what you need, ditch what you don’t from a generated repository of investment content. After all, deleting is easier than creating.
Image by Scott Graham

Guide your team to refine and perfect the details seamlessly in a .pptx format. We're finance pros—PowerPoint is our language; we don't speak any other.
  • What is Capital Blueprint?
    Capital Blueprint is your go-to AI sidekick that transforms a single sentence into a ~50-page draft investment deck delivered straight to your email inbox. The .pptx output is designed to kickstart your financial presentations without the hassle of staring at a blank page.
  • Why should I use Capital Blueprint?
    Capital Blueprint is designed to turbocharge your presentation process, transforming any topic sentence into comprehensive 50-page decks in minutes. Created by finance veterans, it ensures high-quality, relevant content that’s adaptable to your specific needs, letting you jump from initial idea to a structured deck instantly. With Capital Blueprint, you spend less time building slides and more time making deals.
  • How is Capital Blueprint different from other AI presentation tools?
    We’re the first in the game focused solely on drafting investment content that investment pros actually want, and in the format that investment pros actually use (.pptx).
  • Can I send the output from Capital Blueprint directly to my clients?
    Not a chance—this is a drafting tool, not your ticket to the finish line. Listen, if you're even thinking about sending these drafts straight to a client, you'd better reassess your career strategy in the front office. Always polish before you present, or you might just find yourself on the job hunt.
  • Is Capital Blueprint suitable for someone with no background in finance?
    Sure, anyone can use it, but if finance isn’t your game, you might find it's like bringing a bazooka to a knife fight.
  • Are there future updates planned for Capital Blueprint?
    Stay tuned for deeper dives, more precise content generation, and slicker customization options.
  • How long does it take to generate a presentation with Capital Blueprint?
    Crank out a complete presentation in anywhere from 10 minutes and above, depending on how complex your starting sentence is, delivered straight to your email inbox.
  • How accurate is the information generated by Capital Blueprint?
    Our content is as good as the LLM and data it’s based on; double-checking facts is still your gig. However, we make sure that we use the latest cut-off date models to maximize relevancy of the output.
  • Can I customize the presentations generated by Capital Blueprint?
    You get a bare-bones PowerPoint deck that’s yours to dress up and dazzle with delivered straight to your email inbox, and we’re cooking up even slicker customization features for down the line.
  • What is so special and why can't I just use ChatGPT to generate the content?
    Sure, go ahead and use ChatGPT—boosting your AI savvy is something we're all about. But when you're ready to play in the big leagues, that's where we come in. Our platform uses best in class LLMs (we are actually LLM-agnostic, and focus only tools that deliver the best outputs) as the powerhouse cognitive engine and turbocharges it with complex prompt architecture and killer automated AI workflows. That’s the secret sauce that turns basic output into financial gold.
  • Does Capital Blueprint integrate with other financial tools or platforms?
    Currently, we’re leveraging web-scoured data, but watch this space for future integrations with top financial databases.
  • What measures does Capital Blueprint take to ensure data security and privacy?
    Our tech runs on best in class LLMs and your registration email is the only personal info we store. Don't use your work email if you don't have to. Just keep sensitive data off your inputs, and you’re golden - this is a 0 to 1 drafting tool after all, and we definitely don't need dataroom access.

Sample Outputs

Interested? Grab a sample .pptx from the link below and see the magic for yourself.

Image by Markus Spiske
Built by Industry Insiders

About Us

We are former investment bankers and private equity pros, now using tech to transform how you create presentations. Together, we're focused on making your work easier with smart, straightforward tools committed to boosting your productivity.

Capital Blueprint isn’t just software. It’s your first line of defense against the blank slide menace. Let us handle the initial content crafting, so you can focus on what you do best—closing deals and breaking barriers.

Ready to stop drafting and start dominating? Slide into Capital Blueprint. Because every keystroke on a blank slide is money left on the table.
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