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Track Your Child’s Learning in PSLE Science with AI Analytics and Personalized Quizzes!

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How Works offers a tailored approach to your child's PSLE Primary 6 Science studies, providing weekly personalized quizzes that adapt to their learning journey.


As a parent, you'll receive detailed progress reports, customized daily study plans, and insights on future topics, ensuring you're equipped to support your child's academic growth every step of the way.

Weekly Quizzes


Engage your child with stimulating quizzes tailored to the PSLE Primary 6 Science syllabus.

Personalized Action Plan

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Get a detailed, AI-crafted daily study plan for focused improvement.

Progress Report

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Receive insightful reports after each quiz, charting your child's knowledge growth over time.

Upcoming Topics Preview

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Be prepared with insights on topics for the next week’s quiz.

Strengths & Improvements

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Discover your child's top three strengths and key areas for improvement.

Custom-Made Quizzes


Every new quiz is uniquely created to focus on identified areas of improvement.

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Our Features

How We Help You Empower Your Child


Progress Tracking

Advanced tracking features that enable both parents and children to monitor learning progress over time, using easy-to-understand graphs and milestones.


Adaptive Learning Aligned with PSLE Curriculum's quizzes dynamically evolve with your child's learning progress, perfectly aligned with Singapore's PSLE Primary 6 Science curriculum, ensuring a tailored and relevant educational experience.


Regular Feedback Loop

Regular, constructive feedback on quiz performances, helping students understand their mistakes and learn from them.


Expert-Verified Content

All quiz questions and materials are crafted based on Singapore's PSLE curriculum and verified by experienced educators well-versed in Singapore's PSLE curriculum, ensuring high-quality and relevant content

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Empower Your Child's Learning Journey Today With

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