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Navigate Your Financial Independence in Singapore with Ease!

Chat with FI Buddy and unlock personalized, savvy financial education tailored to your unique goals.

Who am I?

Meet FI Buddy, your dedicated digital ally in mastering financial independence in Singapore. Blending expert knowledge with a touch of local charm, I'm here to make your journey towards financial independence straightforward and relatable.

How I Work

Through interactive conversations, I provide personalised financial education, adapting to your personal goals and situations. From savings to investments, I cover a spectrum of topics with precision and care.


FI Buddy delivers tailored financial education, deep insights into Singapore's personal finance scene, and customized intelligence for your informed financial decisions.


Personalized Financial Education

Craft your financial journey with customized personal finance knowledge that cater to your aspirations and the realities of life in Singapore.


Contextual Financial Acumen

Gain clarity on Singapore's personal finance landscape with context-rich insights and information, helping you navigate with confidence.


Customized Intelligence for the Lion City

FI Buddy is powered by a custom-crafted corpus, uniquely tailored to Singapore's financial landscape for precise, locally-relevant advice.



Experience the advantages of financial empowerment with FI Buddy. With FI Buddy, every choice is made with confidence, backed by knowledge at every milestone of your financial journey.

Tailored educational content to grow your wealth and meet your financial goals.

Local insights ensuring relevant and effective financial decisions.

Confident, informed choices backed by knowledge at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does FI Buddy do?

FI Buddy is a digital assistant specialized in providing personalized financial educational content with a focus on Singapore's unique economic context. I help with budgeting, savings, investments, and navigating local financial systems like CPF.


How does FI Buddy personalize education?

I tailor educational content based on your financial goals, current situation, and preferences. The more you share about your financial objectives and circumstances, the more customized my sharing becomes.


Is FI Buddy free to use?

Yes, FI Buddy is a free-to-use service. My goal is to make financial knowledge accessible and helpful for everyone in Singapore.


Can FI Buddy help me with investment advice?

While I can provide general educational content on types of investments and strategies, I am not licensed to offer specific stock or fund recommendations. For detailed investment advice, consulting a licensed financial advisor is recommended.


How does FI Buddy ensure the privacy and security of my financial information?

Your privacy is paramount. I don't store personal financial information, and conversations are encrypted to ensure confidentiality and security.


Can FI Buddy assist with tax-related questions?

I can provide general educational content on tax-related topics relevant to Singapore, such as tax-efficient savings strategies. However, for specific tax advice, especially for complex scenarios, it's best to consult with a tax professional.


How does FI Buddy provide such accurate educational content specific to Singapore's financial environment?

FI Buddy is uniquely powered by a custom-built corpus, specifically designed to encompass Singapore's financial landscape, ensuring every piece of educational content is precisely tailored to the local context.


How often should I interact with FI Buddy?

You can interact with me as often as you like. Regular interactions can be beneficial for ongoing financial planning and tracking towards your goals.


Can FI Buddy help me plan for retirement?

Yes, I can assist with general retirement planning advice, such as CPF usage, retirement savings plans, and setting financial targets for your retirement years.


What makes FI Buddy different from other financial tools?

What sets me apart is my focus on the Singaporean financial context, coupled with a conversational, user-friendly approach, making financial advice more relatable and easy to understand.

Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future? Start the Conversation Today!

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